Terrific Training Techniques for

Career Development Practitioners

by Judy Kaplan Baron, Ph.D., Master Career Counselor,

Nationally Certified Career Counselor,

Registered Professional Career Counselor

Terrific Training Techniques for Career Development Practitioners:  Over 50 Exercises, Games and Activities provides a great resource for Career Development Training Program Facilitators.  It's a powerful and practical collection of experiential learning exercises which can be put to use immediately.  Arranged by general subject area, the techniques cover many facets of career development training:

- Assessment,                    - Attitudes and Perceptions,

- Interviewing,                   - Job Search,

- Resume Development, and    - Review.

Each technique's description includes the objective(s), materials required, approximate time needed, step-by-step procedures, alternatives (when appropriate) and discussion questions.

Use the techniques in this book either individualy or in combination.  If you do, you're on your way to delivering outstanding career development training programs.

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