Medical School Interview Coaching

You've worked long and hard to get to this point.  Now, the interviews are scheduled.  How will you make the most of them?  How can you increase the odds of getting into the medical school you really want?  The answer is no longer in your transcripts or essays.  Your future rests in your interviewing strategy.  Medical School interview coaching can make the difference in being accepted, wait listed, or simply rejected.
While interview success is often left to chance, the good news is that interviewing is a learn-able skill.   Medical school interviews differ at each university.  You need to be prepared for whatever questions you may be asked.  The medical school interview coaching is offered through invidual appointments, in San Diego, California.
In two or three meetings, you can gain an understanding of what to expect plus a quick, yet easily comprehensible strategy.  You'll learn the basic principles necessary to make a positive impression and get the offer to attend a medical school at the top of your list.
As a Master Career Counselor, Registered Professional Career Counselor and Nationally Certified Career Counselor, I have spent over 25 years learning what really works.  I've distilled the important criteria into a relatively easy formula that makes perfect sense and has proven highly effective.  I've helped qualified candidates interview successfully and gain admittance into their top schools.
Given that you've worked so hard to get to this point, doesn't it
make sense to do what you can to increase the odds that you'll succeed now?
If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, give Judy Kaplan Baron a call at
(858) 558-7400.  You'll be glad you did.