Interview Coaching
with Judy Kaplan Baron, Ph.D.

Master Career Counselor,
Registered Professional Career Counselor,

and Nationally Certified Career Counselor

The face-to-face interview -- the impression you make, what you say and how you say it -- is the most critical part of the job search process.  In addition, people who interview successfully are hired and/or promoted faster.  They also enjoy greater self-esteem. 

While interview success is often left to chance, the good news is that interviewing is a learn-able skill.  In just one or two meetings, you can gain a quick, yet easily comprehensible understanding of the basic principles necessary to succeed.   As a Master Career Counselor, Registered Professional Career Counselor and Nationally Certified Career Counselor, I have spent over 25 years learning what really works.  I've distilled the important criteria into a relatively easy formula that makes perfect sense and has proven highly effective. 

We can cover many facets of successful interviewing including:

- Dealing with anxiety and nervousness,

- The best time to schedule an interview,

- Researching the company,

- Determining your worth,

- Identifying your skills and accomplishments,

- Anticipating questions that are likely to be asked,

- Answering the most frequently asked questions,

- What interviewers really look for,

- Determining appropriate attire,

- Handling illegal questions,      

- Keys to salary negotiations,

- Special interview situations, and

- Major reasons interviews go wrong.

The session(s) can be geared for general interview techniques or targeted for a specific position.

Others have been extremely successful after learning these interview strategies.  You can be successful too!  

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