Career Coaching San Diego

  Do you need Career Coaching?            
Effective career coaching can make all the difference in your happiness and well being.  Offered in San Diego (or by telephone for people throughout the United States), we set goals initially to determine exactly what results you want from our sessions together.  Then, we work toward accomplishing those goals.  We work on an individual, hourly basis.

Judy Kaplan Baron, Ph.D. is a Master Career Counselor, Nationally Certified Career Counselor and Registered Professional Career Counselor.  She offers Career Counseling, Career Coaching, Interview Coaching, and Job Search Guidance Services in San Diego.

Here are some of the results you might expect:

- Clarifying skills, personality characteristics, values, salary and compensation requirements, plus potential industries and working environments that make sense for you,

- Identifying realistic career alternatives;

- Exploring career options;

- Making career decisions;

- Researching appropriate educational opportunities;

- Identifying prospective employers;

- Understanding effective job search strategies;

- Learning to master the interview process;

- Developing an effective resume;

- Solving on-the-job issues;

- Staying motivated, focused and on-track; and

- Setting short-term and long-term goals.

You may choose to work on any or all of the areas listed above.  As one client said,  "I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a no-nonsense approach to finding the right career, unleashing potential, and maximizing personal growth."